Questions, Great!

We really want to hear from you!  

Contact tezlab@happyfuncorp.com or tweet at us @tezlabapp.  We usually respond to questions faster on twitter so if your question is timely, please use that channel first.

In ther near future, we'll likley open up a public Slack channel, more on that soon.


Facebook/Twitter use

We use Facebook and Twitter to generate user avatars and fetch basic profile information like your name. We will be adding other methods in the near future.

Will you control my car?

Not without your request.

We periodically check your car for certain data - the drive state (Park, Drive, Reverse), Battery Reading, and Odometer.  Active controls are only done at your request in the app, unlock doors for example.

Location data is from your phone and we never do anything more than looking at what drive state the car is in to figure out how and when to automatically start your trip.

What does 'Efficiency' mean?

Efficiency is our measure of how your car is performing against how the car is rated to perform. For example, let's say you have 100 miles left in your battery, if you drive 100 miles and your car battery reads 0, you've driven 100%.

Like combustion engines, there's a lot of variability in efficiency, mainly related to weather and elevation.  We created a fun leaderboard so you can see how the entire Tesla fleet is doing and also your friends.

With some practice, you’ll learn how to become a very efficient driver.

Private Trips

When you make your trips private others cannot see your trip or account details. You will still appear on the leaderboards.

Creating your Account

We currently support Facebook and Twitter for account creation.  We will soon support standard name and email for account creation.

Multiple Cars (switching cars)

If you own multiple EVs on the same account you can pick which EV is shown in TezLab via your user settings.  We are working on a great new solution for this and expect to have it out shortly.

Car Controls

We are busy building out many car controls.  We currently support heat and AC, door locking and unlocking and fan.  These controls can be found by clicking on your profile and viewing the car tab.

We will be sharing more controls very soon.


Become A Mayor

You become a Mayor of a SuperCharger by visiting more often than any other driver.  You can also view where other people are charging by clicking on someone's avatar and visiting their public profile.

Good luck!

Charge Reports

With charge reports, we look at a lot of different information.  How do we do all this?  At a high level, we look at the time between your charges and examine how you used your battery.  From that, we show you your average efficiency, the time between your charges and your phantom drain.

International Units

We support full internationalization of distance and temperature units. We automatically get the settings from your car.

If you change the settings in the car, please allow up to a full day for every number to adjust to the new units.

Is my data safe?

Yes!  To start, we are only looking at the drive states of your car - are you driving specifically.  For instance, once you download and run the TezLab on your phone, we look to see if your phone is moving at a 5-minute interval.

If we notice your phone is moving, we gently ping the car to see if the car is in the drive state.  We do this automatically so you don't have to take your phone out of your pocket and hit a button that says, 'start a trip'.

From there, we look at your phone and plot your car on the road.  How you choose to share your trip is up to you.  You can follow your friends on TezLab and share all the statistics or, keep everything private.

We look at the start and end charge levels and from there, we can create a plethora of calculations around efficiency, time, MPG, distance traveled, among others.  The calculations are done on the server to limit battery usage on the phone and it's all stored securely.

Our goal is to build the best social driven EV application that works in conjunction with your car, to create the ultimate EV driving experience.  

TezLab asks you to log into your EV account so we can establish a connection with your car. That login is performed on your mobile device. The password is not saved on the mobile device, nor is it sent to the TezLab servers. The EV vendor returns a token which we use for all API calls going forward. Those tokens periodically expire, and when they do you will be asked to re-authenticate on your mobile device.

All the trip data is stored in TezLab's cloud-hosted servers in enterprise-grade data centers in the US. We have taken all the usual precautions of locking down those servers with SSL and requiring certificates for our support people to log in and support the system. 

If you have specific security questions that aren't answered in the above, please email us: tezlab@happyfuncorp.com.

Unsubscribe from daily reports

TezLab sends you a daily email about your car's performance each day. They emails are sent to the email associated with the social media account you authenticated with when you logged into TezLab.

If you would like to unsubscribe from these emails, please visit the preferences settings in the app and unsubscribe there.

In the future, we will be allowing you to change the email address these reports get sent to.

Phantom Drain


Phantom drain is the drain lost when the car is idle.  This is calculated from the time you put the car in park to the time you engage to go on your next trip.  There are many variables that result in phantom drain but mainly weather.  Cold weather specifically plays a huge role in phantom drain, among other things.

With Tezlab, we'll keep an eye on it for you.